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Friends of the Libraries Events and Exhibits

Recent events and exhibits sponsored by the Friends of the Lehigh Libraries.
You can find a list of summaries and recordings on the LTS News Page.


  • David Casagrande, "Public Perceptions of Risk and Policy Creation around the Danger of Floods in Response to Climate Change"  [Literature references]


  • Lydia Pyne, “Postcards, Places, & Participation”
  • Bruce Ellingwood, “Performance Goals for Civil Infrastructure: Managing Risk in an Era of Climate Change”
  • Gökçe Günel, “Spaceship in the Desert: Energy, Climate Change, and Urban Design in Abu Dhabi”
  • Jennifer Gonzalez, “Adapting to Climate Change in One Square Mile: Lessons Learned from Hoboken, New Jersey”
  • Rob Sato, “Paper Trail: A Conversation with Artist, Illustrator, and Writer Rob Sato”
  • Julie Phillips Brown, “The Adjacent Possible: Poems of Emergence and Relation”
  • Andrea Smith, “Who Decided to Commemorate the Walking Purchase and Why: 1920s Fanfare and Local Opposition”
  • Dannagal G. Young, “Irony and Outrage: The Polarized Landscape of Rage, Fear, and Laughter in the U.S.”
  • Anthony DiMaggio, “Conspiracy Theories and the Manufacture of Dissent”


  • Mariana De Maio, “Infodemic: The Pandemic of Misinformation”
  • Alberto Manguel, “From Imaginary to Reality: A Conversation with Writer, Bibliographer, Anthologist, Librarian, and Collector Alberto Manguel”
  • Lauren K. Alleyne, reading from her latest poetry collection Honeyfish and talking about her experiences as the Assistant Director of the Furious Flower Poetry Center 
  • Osagie Obasogie, "A Conversation with Osagie K. Obasogie on Bioethics, Race, and Health"


  • Sirry Alang, "Anti-Racism as Action"
  • Nicholas Herman, “Making the Renaissance Manuscript: Discoveries from Philadelphia Libraries”
  • Kathy Peiss, “Information Hunters, When Librarians, Soldiers, and Spies Banded Together in World War II Europe”
  • Pete Souza talk and exhibit, “Obama - an Intimate Portrait”


  • Eric P. S. Baumer, “Diaries as Data - How a Computer Scientist Taught an English Professor How to Read the Most Valuable Documents of Walt Whitman's Bohemian Period”
  • UMOJA House Family Gallery Exhibit
  • Mark Connar, “Preservation of the Friedensville Mine Site President Pump Jerry Lennon Engine House”
  • Michele Kimpton, “Preserving the Scholarly Record”


  • William Noel, “Special Collections as Data: Historic Materials and Their Digital Dissemination”
  • Patrick Connolly, “The Crisis of Newtonianism: Philosophy, Religion, and Science in Early Modern Britain”


  • Stephen Buonopane, “Nineteenth Century Suspension Bridges of John A. Roebling”
  • Rebecca Traister, “Big Girls Don't Cry and All the Single Ladies”
  • Haiyan Jia “Getting Your News from Facebook, Twitter or a Robot”


  • Sonnet Slam! 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare's death
  • Heather Joseph, “Open Access Bit By Bit”
  • Alfred Barcan, “A Collector's Passion and Scholar's Delight: An Overview of the Deborah and Alfred Judson Barcan Collection of Illustrated Books”
  • Nikki Giovanni, Poetry
  • Annabella Pitkin, “Grief, Love, and Memory in Modern Tibetan Buddhism”
  • Justin Jaworski, “Understanding the Silent Flight of Owls”
  • Michael F. Suarez, “What the Digital Delivers -- and Why the Book Still Matters”
  • William J. Bulman, “Digitizing Democracy”

Click here for a full list of past events.