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Course Reserves

Lehigh University Libraries maintain reserve collections and electronic access to course materials to support the university's academic programs. Books, photocopies and other physical media are placed on reserve and circulate for a variety of loan periods as specified by the instructor including two hours (not to leave the library), two hours (may leave overnight), one day, two days and seven days.  The Libraries also offer assistance in linking to or creating digitized versions of print materials and posting them in the instructor's Course Site.

How to find materials on course reserve

Physical course reserves are searchable by department, course or instructor in ASA, Lehigh's Library Catalog:  Library Reserves.

Electronic reserves are available to enrolled students at Course Site.

How to place materials on course reserve

Course materials to support the university's academic programs may be placed on reserve in the Libraries either through a Print Reserve Request or an Electronic Reserve Request

For more information or assistance, please contact:
Print Reserves:    Ricky Houck    610 758-4924     
Electronic Reserves (CourseSite):   Kathleen Dugan   610 758-4925