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Library Services Fall 2020 for Fully-Remote Students

Fully-Remote Students

Library Facilities

For the health and safety of the Lehigh community, Linderman and Fairchild Martindale Libraries are closed until further notice. However, many services are still available (see below). 


Help Desk consultants will be available via chat, email, Zoom, and phone [610-758-HELP]. You can also submit a help ticket and an LTS staff person will be in touch within 24 hours. In situations where in-person help is necessary, the Help Desk may be able to schedule an appointment with you for an in-person consultation in EWFM, following PPE and social distancing guidelines.

There is also be a 24/7 library help chat available here. For research help -- whether for a class assignment, independent research project, or person project -- fill out this form, or contact your librarian directly.


Digital Library Materials

The library maintains an extensive collection of digital content that is available to you from anywhere in the world:

  • Search in any of our databases for journal articles, streaming video, data and statistics, visual media, and many other types of content.
  • Look for a specific journal in our journals directory, or enjoy a digital reading experience through the Browzine app or desktop program.
  • Access any of our digitized Special Collections content here, or email Special Collections staff for specialized help with historical material.
  • If you need access to material that is not currently available digitally, please fill out this Electronic Resources Request Form, and we will investigate available options. (Please note that the library will not necessarily be able to fill all requests, but we will let you know either way.)

(Note that in order to access library resources, we recommend installing and connecting to the Lehigh VPN. Further instructions are available here. )

Physical Library Materials
Additionally, for physical library items, curbside library material pick-up will be offered between 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday in compliance with social distancing guidelines. You can arrange for pick-up via the “Request this” link on items found in  your ASA Library Catalog search. You may also submit Interlibrary Loan (ILL) and PALCI E-ZBorrow requests to be picked via curbside library material pick-up but note that turnaround is dependent on the status of other libraries and you may experience delays. 

Digital Media Studio equipment such as camcorders, tripods, headsets/microphones, and document cameras are available for curbside pick-up. Please submit requests to

Please consult our FAQ for more information, or email with questions and requests.