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Collecting COVID-19 Stories

As part of Special Collections' mission to collect materials related to Lehigh University's history, we are requesting submissions from the Lehigh community relating to COVID-19 and the effect it has had on work and life. Moments of crisis are of particular historical interest and often reveal important information about our shared society, locally, nationally, and internationally. The historical record would be incomplete without the lived experiences and opinions of the individual people who make up our community. To avoid future archival silences, we are reaching out to the broad Lehigh community to enable an accurate representation of the people living through this historic time. Materials collected through this initiative will be stored in the Lehigh Libraries' digital repository for future research use. The voice of the Lehigh community is of equal importance to the institutional communications that the Libraries regularly collect and should be preserved alongside the University's official statements.  Submissions to the Lehigh University Archive can be made through the Google Form linked on this page.

For general information about the Lehigh Libraries' response to COVID-19, please visit the Library Resources during COVID-19 FAQ page. The Libraries have also made available a Coronavirus Library Guide that includes sources of public health and scholarly information. Please visit the Coronavirus Update page for University-wide COVID-19 information.

Who Can Participate?

This collecting initiative is open to any member of the Lehigh or local Lehigh Valley community. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Undergraduate Students (Current and incoming)
  • Graduate Students (Current and incoming)
  • Faculty Members (Current or Emeritus)
  • Staff (Current or Former)
  • Alumni
  • Lehigh Families
  • Lehigh Valley Community Members

What Type of Material are we Collecting?

Potential types of submissions may include written journal entries, recorded audio or video descriptions or stories, oral histories, saved social media posts,  or other types of multimedia recording your personal thoughts and experiences of life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Text  (Word, PDF, etc.)
  • Images (JPEG, PNG, HEIC, etc.)
  • Audio (MP3, WAV, etc.)
  • Video (MP4, MOV, etc.)
  • Websites (by nomination)
  • Physical Ephemera

How Do I Submit My Material?

  • Please use this Google Form to submit your material. Don't have a Google account? Use this form instead. These forms will ask you some questions about your connection to Lehigh, allow you to upload digital files, and ask you to sign an agreement allowing your material to be preserved and made accessible. More information about this agreement can be found here.
  • This form will also enable you to nominate specific websites for inclusion in the Libraries' web archive.
  • If you are submitting physical material, please contact Special Collections to coordinate delivery.
  • If you have any questions about participating in this initiative or need assistance submitting material, please contact Ilhan CitakArchives & Special Collections Librarian, Alex Japha, Digital Archivist, or the Special Collections Department.
  • Material submitted will be reviewed for appropriateness, described, and uploaded to the Libraries' Digital Collections repository. This process will take some time and materials will not be immediately available.

Sample Questions

Below are some questions to get you thinking about your experience with COVID-19. Answering these questions is not required and we encourage you to expand beyond what we are providing.

  • What was the climate on campus before instruction transitioned to online learning (3/12/2020)?
  • How did you learn new information about the virus and its impact on the University?
  • What was your experience like leaving campus and retrieving your personal belongings?
  • How was the transition to online education or work?
  • What are the differences between working or living on campus versus at home or off campus?
  • How has your family or home life changed as a result of the virus?
  • What is your impression of the media coverage of the virus?
  • What is your impression of the official response (local, state, federal) to the virus?


Submit your COVID-19 Material

Submit your COVID-19 Materials (with Google account)

Don't have a Google account? Use this form instead.